Hardware Solutions

LB Technology has many hardware options to meet any customer needs. Hardwired and Plug-and-Play devices are available for deployment. These units are installed under the dash or under the hood.  They are always out of site and tamper proof.

Features include:

  • Real time location of vehicles
  • Historical route replay
  • Speed analysis: SmartMapp recognizes excessive speeds
  • Automated maintenance reports based on time intervals, engine hours and/or mileage
  • Automated engine systems monitoring and reporting when out of factory specifications
  • Internal GPS and GSM(cellular) antennas
  • Internal battery - device continues to work when vehicle battery is depleted
  • Fuel level
  • Idling
  • Fast starts
  • Hard braking
  • OBD fault codes
  • Battery voltage
  • Speed analysis using LB Telematics proprietary SmartMapp technology
  • Geo Fence - configurable alerts when entering or exiting a location
  • Power lost/device tamper alerts
  • Theft monitoring with automated engine disable feature
  • Power lost/device tamper alert
  • Bosch 3 axis accelerometer which monitors hard braking and fast starts
  • Hands free emergency phone option
  • SOS Emergency call option