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15 Aug, 2019

Introducing Cold Chain Telematics

Memphis Based LB Technology, Introduces Cold Chain Telematics

When transporting and delivering perishable goods such as fresh fruit, vegetables, dairy products, prepared meals, seafood, and deep-frozen products like beef, chicken, and pork - what is the most important challenge influencing a successful final delivery? The answer is easy, temperature, temperature, and temperature.

Logistics experts understand that time and complexity of delivery pose many challenging events. Multiple drop-offs and pick-ups along the way can expose a potential risk for compromising the cargo. "The first requirement is to have a smart IoT trailer or container," says Mike Burkett, Vice President of sales at LB Technology. LB Technology recently introduced a cost-effective way to mitigate the multiple points of failure and convert any asset into a “Smart IoT Asset” by installing the FleetTrack2830 temperature monitoring telematics device onboard the asset to monitor and alert transportation teams when a temperature exception has occurred, giving operators ample time to correct an issue before potentially exposing cargo to harmful ambient temperatures and spoiling the load. Door sensors and tire pressure monitoring can also be integrated for additional visibility of cargo status, improved efficiencies and added security.

Refrigerated trailers and other cold chain applications are the most in-demand type of asset that is being monitored by LB Technology today because the business case is so strong in terms of protecting the cargo from damage, loss claims, and compliance with the Food Safety and Modernization Act (FSMA). Adding real-time connectivity and traceability into what’s happening as perishable goods travel along the cold chain will be increasingly expected to meet motor carrier, regulator, distributors, food producers and consumer expectations in today's modern world. Applying advanced analytics to the data, sharing data with different supply chain members to drive daily operations and provide new business insight, efficiency and opportunity play a critical role in addressing cold chain challenges.


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