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26 Jul, 2018

An ELD positive, an hours negative, and more from trucking’s present and perhaps stormy future

Counterintuitive to the views of many in Overdrive‘s audience, John Elliott, CEO of the Load One 435-power-unit expediting carrier, believes that mandated electronic logging devices might be one of the best things to ever happen to trucking. And it’s not all about capacity stress and rates growth. His reasoning follows the changes he’s seen at his own carrier, as well as others, as it relates to true back-office support of operators on the road.

In fact, the ELD mandate could be the “best damn thing that ever happened to drivers,” specifically, he said as part of a panel at Expedite Expo this past weekend.

He laid out a prototypical dispatch scenario he says he’s seen firsthand plenty of times — when he worked in dispatch himself, he was “guilty of it,” he says. It’s one that the ELD mandate has helped mitigate.

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