Wirelessly connecting your fleet vehicles to the internet.

LB Technology was founded in Memphis, TN, dedicated to focusing on products for the transportation industry for government and company fleets. The industries we serve, combined with our back office software, make us a leader in the telematics and electronic logging industries.


We provide our customers with value-added and reliable data to allow them to run their business at the most successful level possible. We are an innovative and customer-centric organization where integrity and accountability drive every decision. We strive to provide leading-edge, innovative products to our customers with exceptional service


INNOVATION. LB Technology’s engineering team is constantly monitoring the industry to evaluate what future product needs may exist, whether due to government mandates, growing customer reporting requirements, or improved functionality. We identify the need, then work with our in-house engineers and external partners to develop products to fill that need.

FOCUS.  While LB Technology prides itself on its cutting-edge hardware, our primary focus is on our unrivaled backoffice software.  Our structure allows us to commit all of our resources, whether they be in service, capital or other, to transportation technology.

FLEXIBILITY.  LB Technology offers its customers the ability to choose from a selection of commercially-off-the-shelf (COS) hardware from one of the world’s top three GPS device manufacturers, or from a line of proprietary devices developed in-house from conception, to production, to certification. We wrote the firmware that powers both product lines, giving our team extensive knowledge of the devices and how they work. This knowledge provides quicker and smoother support and problem resolution, as well as the ability to rewrite custom firmware to provide client-specific functionality without added cost.

  • Data Security
    • Our servers are housed at Amazon’s AWS Cloud Computing platform. This affords our applications to have high-availability, scalability and the industry best security.  We participate in FISMA audits to protect our customer data.  Amazon provides a FedRAMP certified region of the cloud, using FIPS 140-2 validated encryption from the device to our servers when necessary. Client data is the client’s property, and we have a fiduciary obligation in our handling of client data. We take this obligation very seriously.

  • Telecommunications
    • LB Technology Inc. telecommunications network is the largest in the nation that is dedicated solely to connecting telematics devices to the internet. We have wholesale agreements with AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and/or T-Mobile providing the flexibility to deploy GSM or CDMA enabled devices. We all know certain cell phone carriers work best in our city vs another city/state. With our broad range of carrier agreements, depending on your fleet’s operational footprint, our tech service group has the ability to make the appropriate carrier suggestion/deployment.   


  • Diversity in Customers
    • Our GPS services are industry agnostic, and our customer based is varied. Areas of special interest are:
      • • Dump Trucks

        • Delivery Services

        • Rental and Leasing

        • Government

        • Law Enforcement

        • Utilities

        • Food and Beverage         

        • Oil, Gas & Mining

        • Waste Management         

        • Pool Maintenance         

        • Home Repair

        • Transportation

        • Heavy Equipment

        • Pest Control

        • Cable and Telecom

        • Plumbing

        • Construction

        • Trailers

        • Landscaping

        • Couriers

LB Technology’s senior management team consists of veteran executives, each with over 25 years of experience in their respective disciplines (Sales, IT, Accounting, Compliance, and Service industries). Our company CEO was the CEO of a Fortune 200 company that pioneered many different products in the electronic data transfer and payment services.

In the spirit of providing a cost effective and best-in-class solution for your business, we look forward to discussing our history and experiences with you.

Core value



Our company conducts its business in the spirit of doing the right thing in every decision. The relationship between LB Technology and its customers always comes before standing behind any written agreement.


Customer Driven

Our customers are our future and our growth. We believe in a simple contract agreement, a boarding process which ensures accuracy for the operation of the program, and dedicated installation and service today and beyond.



The ability to see around the curves and the corner is keeping our customers with the latest technology in the industry. We are not a third party reseller. We control the future for our go-forward solutions.